Photography creative process?

As an art form, photography is all about the creative process and exploring ideas from images, but to create truly great images, you need to use them. Since Maxim didn’t have the money to buy expensive equipment, he had to use creative camera and DIY lighting setups. The creative process of designing a photo book, putting together a 12-piece print collection, or designing a magazine page is also an excellent learning curve to help you work on future projects. People often gravitate towards online media, in which their work is presented via Flickr or Facebook. While these are a great way to publish work, they can be a bit numbing to the creative and learning process.

Creativity as an artistic expression is a synthesis between right and left, intuitive and conceptual. To get to the creative elements, it’s imperative to first have a solid understanding of the basic knowledge needed to improve your art as a photographer. These thoughts will help you create stronger images with meaning and purpose, resulting in far more creative photography. Staying inspired doesn’t just mean looking at the work of other photographers, as oversaturation of a single medium can often result in less creativity.

As an art form, photography is all about the creative process and exploring ideas using images. However, to create really great images, you need to create a plan for your own development, focusing in particular on skills, inspiration, purpose, and performance. For a photographer, imagination is a must. Without imagination, there are no new ideas and creativity. When it comes to photography and the creative process, I fully agree with the principles of lateralizing brain functions. Alternatively, you can come to one of my workshops, where you can learn all about it in person and watch a demo of my entire creative and processing workflow.

This is also the point where a good creative person starts evaluating the idea and determining whether it was a good or bad idea. Being able to recognize where you are on a creative journey can often build the confidence you need to pull something off from preparation to implementation. The next step in the creative cookbook is to do some sketches and tests of the idea to see if it works.


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