What is a headshot photograph?

A headshot or headshot is a modern (usually digital) portrait that focuses on the person. The term is usually used for professional profile pictures on social media, images used in online dating profiles, the “about us” page of a company website, and promotional images of actors, models and authors. Put simply, a headshot is a tightly-cropped professional photo that is used in a wide variety of business and creative promotional materials. Headshot photography is an excellent market for photographers.

Everyone needs a headshot, from corporate employees to Instagram influencers. But what exactly is a headshot? Headshots are photos that focus on the face. They offer a quick look at you and help people put a face to your name. They are usually corporate in nature, which means they are intended for business purposes.

But the lines between business and private life are blurring as our lives are becoming more and more connected through social media. More and more professional headshots are being used for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. Most headshots focus on the top third of the body, hence the name. But the test of whether an image

is a headshot compared to a portrait really depends on how it’s used, not which body parts make it into the picture. Since headshots are a fairly common service, most local photographers offer a headshot package on their website. Make sure the photography website builder you choose offers the flexibility, features, and ease of use you need to put together professional photo portfolio websites without the need for coding skills. In a way, headshot photography should be the backbone of pretty much every photographer’s business.

In many professions, your LinkedIn headshot or headshot on your company website will make a strong first impression on employers and customers.


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