What is meant by creative photography?

Creative photography is a technique that you use to combine different shapes, colors, and shapes of ordinary moments and turn them into creative art using your photography skills. This type of photography requires a unique way of seeing things and projecting an innovative image that is altered from reality. Creativity is simply the ability to make something out of nothing. It’s the ability to start with just your thoughts and then let them out into the world in whatever form you want — it could be painting or photography, cooking or programming.

Caroline Jensen, Minnesota Creativity in photography means letting the outside world fall and creating images that come from the heart and soul. Katrina Gotschall, Nebraska For me, creativity means overcoming what others might see as limitations. Taking inspiration from others’ paintings, books, movies, and photographs helps me stimulate my own creativity and helps me grow by taking pieces and putting them together in my own way. The creative part is finding a way to interpret my inspiration and using the right inspiration with the right theme in the right place at the right time and really making the image my own.

Samantha Covert, Nova Scotia Creativity means stepping out of my comfort zone to produce images that get my message across in a new and fresh way. It’s easy to read about photography and creativity, it’s much more difficult to actually put what you’ve read into practice. It may be new, it may be different, it may or may not work, but simply trying is creativity for me. I think the true test for creativity lies in the ability to see what others might not see and to realise a vision that gives the viewer a perspective they haven’t considered before.

You don’t have to learn how to be creative, you just need to discover the creativity that awaits within you. To find your voice and creativity, you need to overcome those fears, be prepared to try and fail, and acknowledge that you won’t get it right the first time around. Megan Dill, New York For me, being creative means shooting with purpose and vision. This includes the deliberate manipulation of equipment, settings, light, perspective, composition, and processing to capture the imagined mood or story. For me, creativity doesn’t always mean doing something completely new, but working through inspirations and making them your own.

For me, this means that I need to think creatively about how I can either capture it in my pictures or how I can “hide” it in my pictures. Bethney Backhaus, Florida For me, creativity means producing something new and fresh that has never been seen before.


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